Private Hire Limos

When hiring a limousine for a wedding or prom or another important event you will probably make sure that you have everything in writing and sign a written contract with the limo hire company so that you are guaranteed the limo you have chosen at the agreed price.

However, there are a number of different types of written contracts and you may be signing a contract which the limo company has drawn up themselves, or one which complies to government provisions for limousine hire contracts.

When hiring a limousine for hire and reward, which means you hire the limousine and the limo hire company provides a chauffeur to drive you, you can hire it under the terms of a written contract until the end of 2007. There are also no legal requirements for a limousine to be licensed before the end of 2007 either. After the end of the year however, limousines will have to be fully licensed if they are working for hire and reward.

Limousines which are hired for weddings or funerals however will still be exempt from being licensed, but this significantly limits a limo hire company's opportunities to operate a successful hire company.

Limousines can also be licensed for private hire to allow them to operate safely however of the 404 local licensing authorities, around 181 of these authorities will not approve licenses for private hire of limos.

With limousine hire, licensing and laws changing all the time, and changing from state to county, Hire Limos is on hand to wade through the laws and licensing hassles to find you a safe, reliable and appropriately licensed limousine and chauffeur for your special event.