Limousine Accessories Now Include a Wine Cellar

Are people expecting too much from the Mini Clubman? Cocktail bars have been around in prestige cars like Rollers for decades; now it seems people have a gripe with the Mini Clubman. In that, apart from the one-side-only suicide doors and general oddness of the thing, the mini-estate doesn't have an integrated shockproof built in wine cellar!

But wait, here to solve all your wine worries comes the Aznom 'Chateau' Clubman S, a modified Mini from Italy's most, innovative coachbuilder. Yes, it has a built in wine cellar ' well sort of. The Aznom MINI Chateau in fact has a mobile wine cellar installed in the trunk, capable of housing six wine bottles in isolated comfort, along with six wine glasses with which to enjoy them. Aznom's wood veneer finish decorates the exterior and cabin, which also gets unique leather trim.

The Mini Chateau is painted in changeable pearly brown, matched with sandy/gold metallic paint for the roof, bumpers and some details. But what really stands out, is the use of precious wood, both on the inside and outside of the car. Inside the Clubman Aznom fitted the upholstery with gaucho leather and Alcantara to create a warm, vintage atmosphere. The Mini Chateau's 12 limited edition exclusive samples will each display a numbered label with the name of the lucky owner. What about the chauffeur?

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