Limousine Airport Transfers With New Terminal Rules

With just two months, before the new terminal at Indianapolis International opens, many smaller taxi and limo companies are crying foul over new restrictions, just released by airport officials.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority has announced that it will limit the number of taxis, limos and other transportation options at the new terminal and require each company to provide certain services. The number of limo kiosks will be cut from 11 to six and the number of taxi permits will be cut from 164 to 130 - according to materials provided by the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

Limo providers will also be required to meet a new set of standards, including providing a minimum of 15 vehicles, at least one of which must be wheelchair accessible and one must be a 14-passenger bus. While Airport officials said that they regretted that the rule change was not announced earlier, they went on to say that the changes are response to ensure better services.

"It wasn't our intent necessarily to punish them or anything, but it was certainly our intent that maybe they could make themselves a stronger economic force by combining services," said Airport Director Bob Duncan. But the owners of some of the smaller limo and taxi services claim that they won't have time to merge with less than two months before the new terminal opens.

Instead, Presidential Limousine owner Patrick Stern - whose company currently operates the required four limos at the old terminal - said he'll need to take out thousands of dollars in loans to try and meet the new standards. Other limo operators called the airport's new rules a job killer. The owners of King Limousine and Comfort Limousine said that they may have to layoff workers.

While, the dispute surrounding the regulations and airport permits at new terminal is ongoing, the need for airport transfer is a given. Whether it is luxury hire limousines for corporate clients or simply taxis for the general public, the ability to organise relaxing, comfortable and prompt airport transfers is just as important as organising a plane for the other part of the journey.