What Not To Wear in a Limousine..

How Not to Wear It, a spin-off of the well-known reality show What Not to Wear, where they take the utterly awful and then turn it into something absolutely fabulous, resulted in dramatic fashion transformations at the Sunningdale Golf and Country Club.

Hosted by Susan Jacobs, owner of Personal Style, the show featured a dozen of her clients, who started by wearing the worst outfits they own, made even more heinous by the matching hair and makeup, and ended with fashionable and fitting items picked to suit each individual body and age demographic.

During the show, Jacobs highlighted each of the flaws and gaffes in the ugly duckling styles, before sending them back to be remade into swans. With the help of her beauty team, hairstylists Nicole Sharp and Georgie from Nova Vita, and makeup artist Erin Bradley, magic was performed and the How to Wear It sequence began.

Addressing the crowd of 150 during intermission was Janet Tufts, executive director of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and president of Hope's Garden, who spoke about the London resource for eating disorders.

A four-hour, six-person limousine service from A Daizy Limousine was among the many fabulous door prizes donated by several local businesses contributing to the subsequent donation of $1,855 presented to Tufts for Hope's Garden needs. Several health and beauty services were also exhibiting and retailing their wares during the model transformation.

Hiring a limo for special occasions has become very fashionable in itself. So it makes sense that fashion shows and events are great places for limo hire companies to advertise their services. And by offering their services as a donation, limo hire companies are effectively receiving free advertising for their business, although they will need to cover the cost of the prize itself.

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