Special Make Over Limo Ride

Three years ago Sandra Talley was diagnosed as suffering from paralysing neuromuscular disease. Since then she has spent much of her time in a wheelchair on the second floor of her Forestville home. Frustrated by her lack of mobility, Talley and her husband, James, contacted the Prince George's County chapter of the non-profit group 'Christmas in April' for help to install a ramp.

The organization's officials contacted Talley's church, Spirit of Faith Christian Centre in Temple Hills. The pastor and church leaders decided to do more than anyone had anticipated. Instead of the kind of one-day project that Christmas in April usually coordinates, the church developed a more extensive plan and pulled together about 75 volunteers, who spent three weeks on an extreme home makeover, worth roughly $100,000. The improvements, all paid for by the church, included installing doors, an elevator and electronic equipment and touching up practically every room.

On Saturday, the Talleys' front yard was filled with church members, who cheered as the couple arrived home in a white stretch limousine. Sandra Talley's face was wet with tears of joy as she was lifted out of the limousine and into her wheelchair. She had no idea how much more was waiting for her inside. There was a motorized wheelchair next to a Christmas tree, a wide-screen television and new kitchen appliances. The entire home had also been made accessible to her wheelchair and looked brand new.

It's amazing how limousines have become a part of special occasions. From weddings, to prom nights and birthdays, you can't beat a limousine for that 'wow' factor. Hiring a limousine for someone can make a great gift. Whether it is a special occasion or a surprise, the gift of a limo hire will be truly appreciated. Riding in a luxurious limousine you can't help but feel that you're extra special. A limousine can really pull a surprise together and make you forget your worries.

As in the above story, hired limousines can also accommodate the disabled; in fact there are even wheelchair accessible limousines, so contact Hire Limos now for more informaiton.

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